The University's new report and support system is making it easier for staff, students and visitors to report incidents of sexual violence, harassment and hate crime. You can choose to contact an adviser, or report an incident anonymously.


You might be wondering why we decide to include anonymous reporting as an option; if we don't have any names or specific details, what can be done? We wanted to make sure that any incident was reported, and we also understand that some people may not feel confident in providing their name, as there could be significant barriers holding them back. You might be concerned about possible repercussions; you may feel embarassed or ashamed; you might be worried about being called a trouble maker; you might not want to get someone in trouble; or you may not be ready to discuss your experiences with anyone.


We understand that there are a whole range of reasons as to why you might not want to give any details in reporting, but we still wanted to make sure you had a way to report something, so that the University can get a clear picture of what's happening on our campuses, and focus our preventative work on stopping these incidents from happening.


If we know when, where and what the type of incident is, we can use this information to target our campaigns and training, and to change the culture positively at all of our campuses. All of the data captured from anonymous reporting will help to inform any action that we take, to eliminate sexual violence, harassment and hate crime in our community.


You can always decide to contact an adviser later on, and they will get back to you within three working days. Our trained advisers will offer an appointment in person or on the phone, or they can even talk you through your options via email, if that's what you would prefer. The University will support you through this process, and whoever you are, whoever you're reporting, we will listen to you. It doesn't matter if it's someone in a position of authority, a member of staff, another student, or someone from outside our community. Whenever an incident is reported we will take proportionate action. 


There are two ways you can tell us what happened