Balancing competing priorities at home, work and study can sometimes be a challenge, and if you experience some sort of sexual violence, harassment or hate crime, then this can take a toll on your physical and emotional wellbeing. The health and wellbeing of our community is a priority to the University of Essex and below are some ways you can ensure that you are healthy inside and out.

Stay aware of your mental health

  • Make time to think about how you feel and notice if your routine or behaviour is changing in a negative way. 
  • Look out for early signs that you may be feeling stressed or uncomfortable in a situation and take steps to change that.
  • Keep a mood diary to help track what it is that is affecting the way you feel and function on a daily basis.  You could write this down or use an app.
  • Build your self-esteem to help you feel more confident and able to cope with obstacles that occur in life.

Look after your physical health

 Taking part in physical activities that you enjoy can have a huge positive impact on your emotional and physical wellbeing. There are lots of options available on and off campus:

  • Take a walk – we have some of the most beautiful grounds at Colchester campus, some great woodland walks in and around Loughton, or a walk by the sea at  Southend.
  • Fitness classes – If you work better under pressure and like exercising in a group then fitness classes are a great way to exercise.
  • You can join our Colchester gym or facilities at Loughton and Southend, or just search for your local gym online.
  • Join a club – if you like to have social interaction with your physical activity then find out about joining one of our 50 different sports clubs.


It's important to relax and take care of yourself. Get more information about self care from CARA (The Centre for Action on Rape and Abuse).

Get sociable

Spending time with friends and family is incredibly good for your health; even just keeping in contact with people via text or email can be beneficial.  Find out about events happening in or around campus, or join one of our societies. 


Talk to someone

Students can contact our Student Services Hub, and staff may use our Educational Assistance Programme if you need to talk to someone.



There are two ways you can tell us what happened